Increase DEI and Foster Inclusive Workplaces with Skills-Based Hiring | Tay Associates

At Tay Associates, we prioritise responsible innovation to help businesses increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through skills-based hiring. Our recruitment services are designed to expand talent pools, mitigate unconscious bias, promote equal opportunities, and enhance organisational performance.

Expand your talent pool:

Traditional hiring methods inadvertently exclude qualified candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. Our skills-based approach ensures that all individuals with relevant abilities have an equal opportunity to showcase their potential, enabling you to access a diverse range of talents.

Mitigate unconscious bias:

Unconscious bias can hinder DEI efforts. By focusing on skills and competencies, we minimise bias throughout the recruitment process, promoting fair evaluations and equal opportunities for candidates regardless of gender, race, age, education, vaules or any other diverse characteristics.

Promote equal opportunities:

Our skills-based hiring provides an equitable platform for candidates. By prioritising skills, we foster an environment where everyone has an equal chance to succeed, contributing to a more inclusive workplace.

Enhance organisational performance:

A diverse workforce drives innovation, creativity, and overall business success. By helping you attract a wider range of talents through skills-based hiring, we support your organisation in building a diverse team that brings unique perspectives and experiences to the table.

At Tay Associates, we combine responsible innovation, expertise in skills-based hiring, and the responsible procurement of recruitment technology to ensure fair and unbiased evaluations. Unlock the power of skills-based hiring with Tay Associates to advance your DEI goals and build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Contact us today to learn more about how our DEI-focused recruitment services can help you attract top talent and drive success while fostering a truly inclusive workplace.

“Over the past nineteen years Tay has evolved and improved, investing in our staff and developing a new generation of fantastically focussed, fun and creative people.”
Susanna Tait FIRP, Chief Executive
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